Vietnam Visa for Macau SAR citizens

There are a huge number of attractions and beautiful places in Vietnam because the country is in eternal summer, which means civilizations came here long before the northern countries and left behind many valuable architectural masterpieces and natural human assets that any tourist will appreciate. By a decision of the Government of Vietnam, in February […]

Vietnam Visa for Macedonian citizens

Vietnam is one of the main destinations chosen by Macedonian citizens as they can be dazzled by the beauty of Ha-Long Bay to the north, or visit the historic Imperial city of Thang Long, capital for eight centuries. During the trip, you can visit the monumental complex of Hue, wherewith European influences the imperial city […]

Vietnam Visa for Lithuanian citizens

What is the difference between a regular visa and an electronic one? The process of applying for a regular visa is extremely time-consuming. It often requires traveling to another city and making an appointment with the closest Embassy or consulate. There are plenty of documents that need to be scanned at provided to the Immigration […]

Vietnam Visa for Icelandic citizens

In Vietnam, in addition to tasting a variety of delicious dishes, especially Southeast Asian delicacies, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Nanyan scenery and find many Spanish, European, or Asian classic-style architecture. The most well-known attractions are Vinh Ha Long, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh. Vinh Ha Long is one of […]

Vietnam Visa for Kazakhstani citizens

In life, there are infinite reasons to travel, from celebrating a honeymoon, enjoying a divine vacation, to honoring a birthday or even an anniversary. What better place than Vietnam to do so, as it is a country so rich in landscape, culture, and history that it undoubtedly makes it an ideal Southeast Asian attraction. Kazakhstani […]

Vietnam Visa for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region citizens

Vietnam is an amazing Asian country located in the east of the Indochina Peninsula. Thousands of kilometers of beaches (the coastline of the South China Sea is more than 3,000 km) with white sand and tropical palm trees, the picturesque deltas of the Red River and the Mekong, mountains, and hills covered with dense forests, […]